Paws for a Cause

Paws for a Cause began as a small charity dog walk in October 2010. Dr. Kit & Dr. Cindy Charbonneau, along with the staff of their animal hospital, began raising funds to help local non-profit organizations. Past recipients include: Canine Companions for Independence, Fetch a Cure Pixie’s Pen Pals, and K9 Alert Search and Rescue.

In 2015, the decision was made to branch out and attempt to aide the community in a larger capacity. The proceeds of future events will be donated to the Virginia Search & Rescue Council Canine Groups. There are currently seven K9 groups within the Virginia Search and Rescue Council and the Department of Emergency Management. These groups are all 501C3s and provide their services throughout the Commonwealth free of charge. They have over 60 teams operational for Air Scent, Trailing, Cadaver & Water Recovery. By being able to provide these services free of charge, they save the Commonwealth and localities an estimated 2 million dollars each year. They train 60 times per year, in addition to search responses, to ensure the localities and families of the lost and those that are missing get the very best resources available. 

2018 Event Information:

Sunday, October 14 12-4pm

Chesterfield Technical Center (Hull St)

13900 Hull Street Rd Midlothian, VA 23112

We are busy planning a great 2018 event! If you have any suggestions or wish to contribute via donations personally or through a company to help make this year an even bigger success, please email us at!

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